Step 1: Preparation

1. Auto Home

The build plate will begin to move up towards the extruder. It will stop when it reaches the extruder.
This step resets the Z = 0.0 mm point.

When you see this, you can preceed to the next step.

2. Loading Filament

The extruder will begin to heat up to the target temperature from the current temperature. These are marked in the picture above.
While it is heating, follow the steps below to move the build plate down to Z = 30.0 mm or more. Do not turn the knob too far ahead as the printer will follow through with the command even if it is reversed!

When the extruder head is heated and filament is loaded properly, filament will begin to flow out of the extruder head.
If you encounter any problems, please review the troubleshooting procedures or call Fab Lab staff for help.